Port Alfred My New Favorite - Find Port Alfred Accommodation

Port Alfred accommodation -Eastern CapePort Alfred accommodation -Eastern Cape
Port Alfred accommodation -Eastern CapePort Alfred accommodation -Eastern Cape


Port Alfred as a popular tourist destination has many accommodation options for visitors to this beautiful town.

Accommodation options vary between guest houses, bed and breakfasts, hotels or self-catering units – each bringing their own style and uniqueness.

When in doubt always contact the local tourism office who will be more than happy to help with recommendations to suit your needs.

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Port Alfred My New Favorite - Find Port Alfred Accommodation

Visit Port Alfred, a beautiful little village (or town) on the Sunshine Coast in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

I happened to stumble across this amazing place and am now completely in love with it. It can really be described as glorious. The little quaint Kowie River runs through the town, dividing it in 2 and is an attraction for the little ferry boat rides offered including a detailed description of little places and the town. Port Alfred Accommodation is being built up and developed. The houses are absolutely exquisite with architectural input and considerations that make it quite remarkable.

The beaches here are completely unspoilt and cast your eyes over the coastline and you can see forever. A further amazing attraction is the natural stunning sand dunes. This wonder with the beautifully clean beaches make up such a fantastic destination package. One of the treats to enjoy here is to simply watch this beautiful scenery of coast line and sand dunes. Life could simply not get better.

Accommodation offered includes Port Alfred guest house accommodation or Port Alfred Self Catering Accommodation to enjoy this wonderful piece of earth. This place is like a hidden sheltered treasure. There is no major entertainment - other than sand dune adventures - but the sea and air itself provide all you can want. Flying kites and kite surfing are also great fun with the occasional wind or to enjoy sunset walks.

The sea is not particularly wild, but the tides get very low and very high.

From this recent visit and experience of Port Alfred, it is quite possibly my new favorite place in the world.

A visit to Port Alfred is a must in your lifetime.

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Port Alfred accommodation -Eastern Cape